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Happy Birthday Love :3
6 Mar 2017 @ 5:47 am ♥ 0 CoMmEnTs

(before you read this, I wrote this in three full papers but I don't think you can really read my messy writing so I type it out here instead, any typo or mistake (because my hands can't even follow the speed of my heart haha) please ignore cause I dare not to double check I scared I will be grossed out by my own words HAHAHA anyway love you and read on!)

  Happy Birthday to the one and only potato that looks like a ugly lamppost but still thinks he looks like a God (which you are totally not) and fat and ugly ans short and no bird. (but it's okay we cant change the fact anyway...). THANK YOU for always being there for me and bear with my craziness though I think sometimes I feel like when you are talking to me makes you feel like vomiting blood but it's okay that's the payback for dating an angel. Sorry for being dumb and sometimes (which is always) lazy to think but don't judge, my brain is too precious to think too much okay...Thank you for always being so supportive and doing dumb stupid stuff with me, I really appreciate everything that you have done but I wont show it cause that would ruin my badass image MUAHAHAHHAHAHA. I don't really see how I have made you happy all I have done is more like bringing you closer to hell when you die. I think you need to do a mental health check up because I think I ruin it for you HAHAHA! I hope there's still cure for you. One more thing, don't feel bad when I'm sad because I'm a crybaby anyways that tires her best to be a tough strong emotionless and I get happy so easily so don't feel bad when you see me cry it's normal k. You don't have to make me happy, I will be happy in the end anyway. A happy going girl have to be sad in order to be happy again so don't feel bad about me being sad. I want you to be happy in any way you can with me or without me, you shall remain happily forever after. And be sad when you feel sad but please remain happy in the end. Because you deserve it. You deserve so much more than you can see. You had a heart that is capable of loving people without being insecure, something that I wish I had. If we really not meant to be, you deserve someone so much better and please be happy about it. But still thank you for everything that you have done, my brain may be forgetful but the heart remembers everything. Everything will be in the heart <3

  May not always be there for you or might even drag you further down when you are having a bad day. May make you feel WORST sometimes, may find things to argue and make your heart so tired to love me anymore. I'm sorry I couldn't help. I am not perfect and sometimes I wish I am or at least won't hurt people like a bitch but here I am -----a bitch. I am changing but probably a part of me shall remain. So please don't think you are not good enough, it's me. You can still love someone who brings darkness during your dark moment in your life. You had a heart that many wish they had as well. If things really happens don't regret (okay maybe regret a bit cause I'm so pretty and cute...) But again, you deserve a better one. Sorry for being me. Sometimes, I hope this silly brings happiness more than sadness to you. So if things didn't work out I want to be a happy memory more than a sad one. I wish and want you to be happy, not for me or your families or friends or be happy because of anyone. But be happy for yourself, not everyone can be this ugly so be happy about it! AHAHAHAHAHHA! Don't be happy because of anything, you don't need a reason to be happy. YOU DESERVE TO BE HAPPY. You deserve every good part of this world, so don't you dare think otherwise. I really want to express how much you deserve but I couldn't even words can't describe and express how much you deserve, but the heart knows and I hope your heart knows as well. Love you always and forever, and you deserve so much more than just my love. Don't ever try to deny. Please be happy with me or even without me. I will try my best to not be so straight okay but no promise HAHAHAHAH! and please love me more if not I find a thousand kiwis. <3_<3 Happy Birthday Ugly Potato <3 <3 <3 from now on be happy and love me more thanks <3 Sorry my writing so messy but this is angel writing so....I am not really sorry MUAHAHAHAHAHAHHAA....love you ....maybe. Either way please love me the most my ugly potato. <3


Thank for for bearing with me and being together with me through out the bad and good days (basically everyday.) I have no idea how I have touched your heart. I have no idea how does it feels when someone touched your heart. But I think you did touch mine, somehow? I'm a really confusing person even myself couldn't understand how I feel, Probably because I'm just that way I am. Before I understand myself please bear with me (or kiss me more.)

I have no idea what is it like to spend your whole life with some because I was taught by life that everyone will leave you one day even if they don't want to? But the heart is where everything stay and remain, Promise you I will be here as long as you are there, I will try my best to not find kiwi okay. You are really a nice person so stop denying that.

I have no idea why you still want to hold on to me even I feel I like I break you more than I make you. I'm sorry for not being perfect. You are probably gonna be the one that teaches me how to love without fear. But before that I become that perfect girl. Please love me like I'm the only thing that matters always and forever. That's how you are gonna make me not find kiwi, okay. I'm always that free kid that loves freedom so much because I know no one will stay. So I'm doing my best to be that perfect girl for you and also for myself. Thanks for holding on but please hold tighter from now on. HAHAHA


(okay this is from the bottom of my heart and last part sorry for writing so much and hurt ur eyes...)

I have no idea how to spend my whole life with someone, but I promise I will learn.
I don't know how to love without feeling the darkness within me, but I promise I will try.
I am not kind sometimes I will take your love for granted, but I promise I will not and always be thankful to have you (or I try HAHA.)
I may not have the best heart to love you, all I have left in me is this broken heart, but I promise I will love you with all I have.
I may not be the best person to spend your whole life with, but I promise I will do my best (somehow) to bring happiness in your life?
I can't promise you to not be forgetful and remember everything, but I can promise you what my brain can't remember, my heart always will and shall remain deep inside my soul forever.
I can't promise you that I will remember every promise that we made, but I can promise you a soulmate can't leave the other half.
I can't promise you to be the perfect future wife and do everything, but I can promise you that I will try anything just for you.
I can cook but not really well, but I will promise you to be the best cook for you.

I am not perfect but if you still choose to love me, I promise to love you with my all.

I promise you to stay and no kiwi if you are willing to love me and spend the rest of your life with me. <3 I promise to become the perfect girl for you.

Happy Birthday Jun Hao <3 Since I'm so far I can't really give you anything but for now let me give you my heart and I hope this is the best present that you have ever received. (though I doubt that my because my heart is broken like shit.)

But for now that's all I can give you. Words mean nothing. But I hope your heart can feel my heart from all these words.

With lots of love, Lucene.